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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 9, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilbyle along with bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gult held, and dana perino. it's 5:00 and this is "the five." moments ago president obama wrapped up his first solo news conference since april 30th. he touched on a number of topics, including the nsa, surveillance, privacy, snowden, putin, drone strike, obama karks republicans shutting down the government, benghazi, the next fed chair, immigration, and the olympics. here are some highlights. >> i wanted to ask you about your evolution on the surveillance issues. why should the public trust you on this issue?
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>> where we can prevent a terrorist attack, where we can get information ahead of time that we're able to carry out that critical task. >> is he a patriot? you just used those words. >> no, i don't believe he's a patriot. >> do you believe al qaeda has been decimated? >> al qaeda is on its heals, has also been decimated and what else i said is they have me as the ta sized into regional groups that can pose significant dangers. >> september 11th will be the first anniversary of benghazi and you said on september 12th, make no mistake, we'll bring justice to those people. where are they? >> i also said we'll get bin laden and i didn't get him in 11 months. >> i thought he did do a very good job. i think it's about time.
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it's very late. it was very well scripted and rehearsed. i don't think i would have jumped on republicans during that, but think his nsa answers despite the fact that it didn't convince me and i hope it doesn't convince eric that he does have a pretty good grip on what's going on with nsa and benghazi was a good answer. >> what was good about it? we gave you a moment and i don't know what happened. >> what the hell are you talking about. >> you say he didn't convince you and hopefully he didn't convince you. >> it's not. i just don't like the nsa. >> now that we with got to the bottom of that, welcome to the program. >> thank you very much. >> i love the nsa. >> you had to get somebody in the chair. i actually almost did get up yesterday. i'm on your side. i thought it was great the president addressed the nsa with his four-point plan, however, unfortunately though they're going to have this four-point
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plan, the government is going to hover out our trillions and trillions of e-mails and it's just a placebo press conference so it goes away. >> the appropriation for the nsa came up on the house floor and only passed by seven votes. >> bolling, we're waiting for your moment here. the obama cold shower, go ahead. >> notes. i took pages and pages of notes. he went through the four-point plan. i found it very interesting twice he said we have to strike balance between security and freedom, at one point he said liberty. he's clearly violating the constitution. he also talked about 215 of the f fisa act.
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the application can only -- and it's lighted only be used to obtain foreign intelligence information not concerning u.s. citizens. >> he -- >> no, no. >> sorry. >> you were on board with this. >> can we -- you didn't -- >> i'm simply saying they said one thing but they're doing something completely different. >> oh, but he said it so well. >> dana, talk about that. what did you think of his remark? did it come a little too late? >> i think it was three weeks too late. i would have said he should have done this press conference about three weeks ago. when he said that all of these things in washington were phony scandal, wouch them that he was talking about was the nsa issue. i keep asking like could you help us defend you. he did something rhetorically today that he doesn't do often, which is he made very clear he's going to have a four-point plan. he talked about the four-point plan. it's just amazing to me in the
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summer, august, he wants to talk about the middle class and he wants to talk about section 215 of the patriot act? we're way, way, way down in the weeds. i think, again, he could have done it three weeks ago. i would have said he could have done more about the middle class at the top. i don't think he needed to speak more on this. >> i was going to use a different term but she suggested i not use it. >> ask the right question. >> he said, mr. president, it sounds like you consider mr. snowden more of a whistle blower than a traitor. he goes, no, no, he needs to come back and face his approval and then he talks about how great the whistle blower program is. >> can we reach a consensus here that this was too late, some of these questions were not handled well, a lot of them were handle finally, reasonably well.
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i don't agree with some of it. >> can i ask you something? kimberly or anyone else, the president's remedy when he said he's going to ask the privacy and civil liberties board to review, is that enough for critics? is that going to satisfy anything? >> sure. go ahead and trust washington. >> he hinted at that, i know, because i watched jay leno because that's where i go to hear the president speak. >> that's a week old. >> it's really not. it was the other day. the point is he was telegraphing on there saying, well, if there's safeguards in place, it should be okay, trust us, trust the government to be able to protect you. i want the government fro text us, do it in the right way. i don't want them to abuse their authority or overreach but way the program is set up right now, i don't believe that it violates constitutional rights. >> they have made a determination to do these programs in a way that it does violate the constitution but it's a choice between the constitution or what they
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consider to be a potentially eminent attack on the united states. i know it's a fine line to walk but when push comes to shove, you fall back on it. >> if you listen to the speech he says they're not listening to phone calls or reading e-mails. he just said yesterday they read e-mails, when it triggers a buzz word they read it. >> on the press conference or nsa? >> press conference. >> oh, good. >> let's do the chronology. it was three weeks ago he started with the phony scandal business and last week he was talking -- two weeks ago. then last week he was talking about -- the white house came out and said we've got this terror warning, very're using this nsa program and we know now -- they leaked all this information. it's za war wi talking to this guy. they put it out there to say, okay, we have the ability to
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listen to your phone calls because we record all the phone calls and they sit someplace but it works because we've got this data. >> will you yield back the balance of my time? any time the president speaks he has to speak to many different audiences all at once. one of the important audience he was talking with was the intelligence community itself where i think rest of america is on vacation. but he said that he supports them and he has confidence in them. that means a lot to them. i know you're breathing hard. >> no, no. >> but he's talking to them and says i have confidence in you and you will continue to be supported by me. that's an important thing for the intelligence community to hear. >> may i throw this in there? >> i'm so darn tired of the president hide behind the patriot act. the patrioting at, patriot act. this is the patriot act on steroids.
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>> that is not the patriot act. it was passed with certain parameters and they're right here. we talked about them. i'm surprised the fisa -- >> that can be monday. >> you know something? your pal that you love so much darrell issa -- >> my pal. >> -- after three months of investigation, he has not come up with one single solitairy evidence. >> why don't you come up with something juicy? this is not very hospitable. >> you kiss him more than anybody else. >> they've got the trail leading all the way to a high-level washington attorney -- lobbyist/attorney. >> i'm getti inting yelled at f saying you kissed his butt. >> now you told everybody. the president also addressed republicans and the whole idea
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of paul ryan wanting throw granny over the cliff, apparently republicans don't want you to have health care. take a listen. >> my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting health care, they're ho-- their holy grail, their number one priority, number one principle in the republican party is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> unbelievable. >> that is so bad. >> he's exactly right. >> his math is so bad. >> can you tell me -- >> iflt's the new math. >> even the congressional budget office says that 30 million people won't have health insurance after obama care is put in place is. that the 30 million he's talking about? >> can you give me one thing? >> bob, i can't believe we have to go through this again but i
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will. i have a memory like an elephant. they were for the pre-existing piece, check. that would have included you. the republicans for that. the republicans -- >> if only we had a whiteboard. >> they voted against the bill but those provisions would have passed if they would have been allowed to standalone. >> fair enough, fair enough. >> is that a point, finger, yes, i have, bob and check? >> i thought the president seemed -- he was a little -- he was a little -- he was lecturing again and i know he's a lecturer er. >> listen. in the -- other in the kremlin i've got a feeling they remember today was the day they had to replace the big flat screen because vladimir putin put his fist through it when he said he looks like the bored kid in the back of the classroom.
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>> he's also the kind of guy you'd like to slap around the men's room. >> how many guys have you slapped around in the men's room? >> just so you know, you're supposed to be against bullying. >> on the health care thing, i think the president is effective on showing there are divisions. here's the problem. if you're a republican strish and you think the free market would be a better solution with the safeguards on the pre-existing conditions, people allowing to keep their children on insurance until age 26, president obama doesn't see the free market competition as a plan. they want government planning in order to help solve everything, so he's effective in saying they're not showing an alternative. >> do you think if they did come up with -- here. if obama made an amendment it would be allowed across state lines would the republicans come along? >> depends how bad an individual employer mandates. >> oh, okay. >> falling more than some?
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>> i don't snow. >> can we talk about slapping men around in the men's room? >> sounds like someone whose ooh been slapped around in the men's room a few times. >> oh, no, you didn't. poor bob. he got whipped around in the men's room. >> all right. we've got to go. we've got to shoo. >> are there other things? >> nbc news has an entire network promoted to defending the democratic party, did you know that? but a couple of journalists are upset about this hillary clinton documentary. you're going to hear from them. and tonight on "the five," you're going to hear our favorite tunes with when we were kids. start we many, "here i go again" by whitesnake. ♪ i've made up my mind ♪
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welcome back to "the five." you probably heard about the nbc documentary of hillary clinton that's been criticized all week. reportedly there are a couple of reporters don't like it either, chuck todd and andrea mitchell. >> this is why it's a total nightmare for nbc news. we know there is this giant firewall. we know we have nothing do with it. we know we're going to be as critical, whatever it's going to be if it comes out. we're only going to own the negative. >> you've got the republican chairman, i would say, understandably miffed about these hillary clinton films. a lot of noosepeople would say including nbc people, including chuck todd and all the rest of us, a really bad idea given the timing. >> boy, if he only knew what was
2:19 pm
going on. let's talk about it. chuck todd and andrea mitchell, kind of wihiney, aren't they? >> when her husband alan greenspan headed up the economy, they still let her stay. i say nbc, cnn, go ahead and run your movies, but then again i don't think the rnc should do business with them. >> i think -- well, so earlier this week when the rnc made this announcement my initial reaction was, ooh, why, that just elevates hillary clinton, why are you come palestine plaining? i think it's great for reince priebus. i think it decreased the number of debates anyway. after last year with cnn and nbc and the tie with nc saying, look, we're not going do as many
2:20 pm
as we did last year. the tie-in with hillary clinton seems curious to me but it's a winner. >> finally what i love, finally some transparency. this is who we are and what we want. we don't care what you think about it. this is nbc, msnbc. al lek ba alec baldwin has a show. >> we were saying nbc shouldn't be doing it. they knew it was coming. >> what do you think of it? >> that's no big deal. i think they're both whiners. where this todd came from, i don't know. he was going to be a hot product in the last 24 months. the guy is a due fuss. >> why would you say that? >> let's move on to other ideas or other thoughts about media. take a listen to geraldo.
2:21 pm
>> to picture those 15-year-old thugs as white boys, white 15-year-olds pounding a 13-year-old back child, is there any doubt but that that would have been the seminal moment in terms of news gathering in our nation this year, coverage on this particular incident was clearly, you know, substandard, inefficient, politically correct and in many, many ways as repulsive as, you know, people who make of race too much? >> i'm totally with geraldo on this, my puerto rican brother from another mother. >> no, no, no. >> i'm puerto rican and irish. anyway, the point is he's hitting the nail on the head. he's not afraid to tell the truth. it's a double standard. if this had been a reverse race situation, forget about it. it would have been all over the place. treat news story like this equally, where there's been a deafening silence.
2:22 pm
>> you know what's amazing to it? >> why is it al sharpton -- he clearly should have said something about this. why doesn't the press ask him? >> i did. >> you did? >> i called al sharpton's office yesterday. >> why would he call you -- >> we called at 12:30 yesterday. >> you did? >> we gave him an opportunity. we gave him an e-mail. waited all day. >> he has an amazing ability to -- >> he's just not that into you. >> i think he's got an amazing ability to not be provoked in something that's not in his self interest. he won't do it. it's actually kind of impressive. >> self-discipline. >> he was doing his radio show when the news had broken and he read some of news accounts. some of the news accounts, cnn and something else didn't mention the fact that it was three young african-american men who beat up the one white kid and it was apparently because the white kid hat told the school they had tried to sell them drugs. think he went to and
2:23 pm
saw the story where race did suddenly come to the forefront. and so -- but that brings up the point. who at these news outfits decides to filter. why not put all the facts throughout. >> okay. i'm going to say i'm guilty. this was my block, the first day that we covered the story on "the five," it was my block. i prepared all day. it never occurred to me to ask or look into the color of the victims. i was just horrified that it happened to a 13-year-old boy. i felt that it -- look at it from the other way. >> you were reading articles that didn't state it. >> it's not to try and color the situation but just report the facts. like you would in any other situation. >> sure. >> that's exactly right. they should have done that. the other thing the bus driver took a bad rap. he's 64 years old, but he didn't
2:24 pm
break it up. but they do have hatchets. >> what are you talking about? chopping people up? >> they have fire extinguishers too. >> that would blind them. >> they would have gotten fired. >> we should move on. >> we'd better move on. when we come back, it's been a rough summer in the box office. big budget movies are going bust and that matt damon film could be the next flop on the list because of its radical political message. we'll tell you all about it. and speaking of summer, the five favorite songs, my pick from the good old days, '87, aerosmith and run dmc. ♪ walk this way walk this way i told you to walk this way talk this way ♪ the great outdoors...
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this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. and it's no longer blocking dana's light. are you okay? >> well,ite jifs very different to have someone as tall as you in my way. >> oh, my gosh. that's true. >> yeah. i have a whole shot now. >> height differential. >> we're talking about this. hollywood is not having a very good summer. a lot of pricey productions have turned out to be stinkers. white house down with channing tatum and jamie foxx and loan ranger with johnny depp. the skrooi fi flick "elysium" says it's one of the openenly
2:30 pm
political movies in memory. matt damon denies there's any message to the movie. >> i don't think it's trying to say anything. i think it just kind of -- it just kind of shows, you know, kind of presents -- presents that issue, you know, that -- you know, the distinct difference between the haves and the have-nots. i think the science fiction movie will really work if, you know, it's a whole new world but it speaks to the world that we live in, you know, but not in a herb-handed way. the first order of business for a big summer popcorn movie is to make a kick-ass movie and make great action. >> is this the dude that got that girl in the truck in "the titanic?" >> oh, my god. leo dicaprio. >> was it "secretariat" or "sea
2:31 pm
biscuit." >> "sea biscuit". >> or was it "mr. ed." >> he said a whole list of these movies were going -- doing bad this summer and one movie, one had something about socialism, but you'd think that the whole world was full of socialist movies. this was a five-special. >> i don't think that was the premise. >> what are you talking about? >> the premise was big box office flicks. people are not going. and the next one on the list could be matt damon's movie. >> he said he's going to put you on your medication after the show. back on. back on the meds. >> you know, everybody knows that 95% of hollywood leans to the left. okay, they're completely left. do you think a lot of the people across america realize -- at least half the country is conservative, they see all the lefties out there. they know a lot of the lefties really don't care for conservatives politically, so
2:32 pm
why give that lefty movie star the business? do you think -- do you think people make that business decision when they try to figure out where to spend their $10 to watch a movie? >> i think they try to shield it, like they said, in an action movie. i think this movie had 100% a political side to it. that's why jodie foster came out of retirement to do this movie. i saw the screening, his wife, father, brother, whole deal. to me it was very obvious it was about the haves and have-nots and universal health care and all the people dieing who didn't have health care and the elite people, you know, thriving and living on a different -- >> there's no political message in "lone ranger" except beating up indians. >> right you are, kimmo sabe. >> right you are, tanto. >> i think that was from you, bob. i don't think that was the point
2:33 pm
at all. >> they had the takeaway. >> i should. say the only one. >> i should probably explain why movies are flopping this year. >> please do. >> the economy is getting a lot better. there are certain sectors are behind the scenes doing better and they would compete with movies. the recreation center, winnebago, polaris, they make the little car things. >> people would rather go in their cars. >> no, they're going out doing things they haven't done for the last three years. >> disagree. disagree. >> how so? >> i think one of the things that big summer movies count on is teenagers are going do. teenagers need disposable income to go. unemployment for teenagers is up 45% around the country. i think it's not because the economy is getting better but it's changing and there's a different way to spend $15. if you want to go to i change you can do that. >> to address the young people, they're so used to such bright -- i'm going to get to you,
2:34 pm
young man in such a moment -- such bright and realistic graphics. grow to the movies these days, they blow up the white house again. i saw that in four movies. movies are just not realistic. >> but the independent films aring down great. >> i want to correct one thing. i love the south. i have made some fun of it. >> thank you. >> i have made some fun of it, and i apologize. >> where is this coming from? >> i'm trying to correct something. i have do this all the time. just be quiet. i said something that were off -- >> like rednecks. >> they're the nicest people in the world. you're kind. so i didn't mean to insult you. if i did, i apologize. that's it. >> that's nice, bob. >> you know what's nice? they'll forgive you. >> will you apologize to the state of florida because they really need it. >> i'm not apologizing to you. >> i'm not saying that. you're making comments about the good people in florida. >> i'm flying to georgia tomorrow. >> are you? >> nice state.
2:35 pm
>> florida's a nice state. it's just the government. >> ahead on "the five" -- unless bob wants to interrupt me. >> not for that. >> look at this. kate upton made a lot of men very happy when she graced the cover of "sports illustrated" not once but twice. bob, put that $28 pill away. but she said it made her feel terrible. we'll tell you why. there's something that made us happy. songs when i was a kid, todd used to sing "hello it's me." i had no idea what he looked like because it was on the radio. here's todd ♪ i thought about it for a long time maybe not that much but something strong something here doesn't last too long ♪ ♪ maybe i shouldn't think of you
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don't you love her ways ♪ >> well, she's being questioned on her attack of two christian women that worked at a christian school. they had acid splashed on their bodies while they were walking through the island's capital on wednesday. it was near the end of ramadan. they were there on a month-long year as volunteer teachers. a radical islamic group may be responsible. >> how is your daughter? >> how is she?
2:41 pm
>> we should point out that these two girls were subjected to a very vigorous argument fwhas were singing on the streets of ramadan which is apparently a no-no. i have a few things to say but i'll wait till my reasonable colleagues say something and then i'll say something. what do you think? >> in your read you say apparently it was radical islamists. obviously it is. you can't indict the whole religion but a very good percentage of them are radicalized. >> well, and acid attacks against girls is one of the weapons they use against young women. but muslim women -- muslim girls too. if you remember in afghanistan, all of those young girls on their way to school were attacked this way. i think -- one of the things is the hip pock tracy. have you ever been on an
2:42 pm
international flight overseas. middle easterners will get on their flight, change in the bathroom and drink and party like rock stars until they land. it's hypocracy. >> they make an announcement. you're now leaving saudi airspace. >> all the goodies of life are not filtering down to younger people working in zanzibar. >> steve? >> one of the press accounts i read is zanzibar is referred to as a muslim holiday island. >> it doesn't make me think let's go there. >> i didn't know they had a holiday island. i'm catholic. i don't know that we have any holiday islands. >> most of the world is. >> but it did say that on zanzibar that there are a number of christians who live in fear and it's a sad reminder that there are places on this earth where people of the christian
2:43 pm
faith are simply not welcome. bob? >> you know, these beautiful young girls trying to make a difference and do something to give back in a fun christian tradition and way and what has happened to them is a religious hate crime and it's awful. parents, it's sad. you have to thing about whether or not you can let your children go someplace like this when they could be subjected to this kind of horrific attack. like dana said acid is one of the ways, rape, torture. >> destroy your beauty. >> it's awful. >> this is another example of muslims around the world. when something like this happens -- you know it was radical islami islamists, not one of you has stood up to say anything as usual. i will say this. the president of the country did say it was a horrible thing to do it. i'll give him credit for that. but did we see one imam stand up? you've got to stop persecuting people, particularly people who want to help you.
2:44 pm
i wouldn't help you worth a damn, but if you were to stand up for once and don't be cowardly in the face of islamists, you may get somewhere. have a nice day. oh, yeah. by the way, coming, blast of the past, the days of my youth, ladies and gentlemen, bob dylan. ♪ o the times they are a changin' ♪ mothers and fathers ♪ right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot.
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♪ the kind you find in a second-hand store ♪ >> all day long we've been playing our summer songs, "the raspberry parade." before we go on i talked with our parade, i called she eed se. i said maybe we could bump out with songs from 1985. he said which ones are you thinking. i said "raspberry beret."
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he said he never heard of it. >> i haven't either. >> you were thinking of raspberry sorbet.>> you know ho memories? my favorite song, "your love." ♪ i just want to use your love tonight ♪ ♪ i don't want to lose your love tonight ♪ >> that's your favorite? >> bob, do you care to repeat what you said? >> is that your hairdo? >> he had a french perm with highlights. >> meatloaf. >> i don't remember how that goes. >> eric clapton. >> sing it. >> what was your favorite summer? >> i don't know it. >> what was your favorite summer? >> the summer that i worked at the dellicatessen and i got to take home all the free salami
2:50 pm
that i wanted. i worked for mr. kim. i got a big summer bonus. it was all the salami i could eat. >> that was your favorite summer? >> it was the best. >> glad you've got a life. >> you're blocking the light. you're so tall. let's take that shot again. what was your favorite summer memory? >> i remember when -- let's see, i would have been at kansas when you 1350er 1/2 years old you can have a driver's license. >> yeah, i know. >> my dad bought me a 1963 rambler station wagon for $75. >> is that the kind with the feet? >> what are you thinking? like the flintstones? no. so at 13 1/2 i was the only kid in my class with a car. so i had a car. >> wow. >> and the sky was the limit and i kept that car for a number of years, and then, of course,
2:51 pm
back towards five years -- legal drinking age was 18. >> you know what they did with that? of course? for farming. >> that's right. >> eric, favorite memories -- where -- from your middle school years or later. >> college. >> college. >> absolutely. one year, one summer i stayed in florida in orlando to play baseball, but a concert series was going on. the who, aerosmith, the rolling stone, twice and played baseball and was very single at the time. >> doing a lot of parties. >> i was having a lot of fun. >> bob, how about you? back in the day. >> well -- i -- as can you probably tell from the songs i chose, i was very young. went to the summer of love in san francisco, in asbury, 1968. everybody was gathering for a love-in against the war in vietnam. >> what does love-in ask? >> please, don't ask. >> you don't really want to know. so everybody shows up there. hundreds of thousands of people.
2:52 pm
they have a love-in against the war and people are sleeping and doing stuff. i was there with a pocket full of money, another pocket full of the best marijuana they and couldn't get any sex at all. >> wow. that was your favorite summer memory? >> no. after that i went to los angeles and -- >> can i tell you something? so hungry, i naturally thought of food. after that living in ireland studying at trinity college. >> i love a state fair, and when i was a country music deejay i got to see garth brooks play for free up at the colorado state fair. that was big deal. >> one of my favorite summer political, clay center, clay county, kansas. the -- what was it? eight-day fair. and everybody in the 4h. >> i love them. >> you would have to make homemade ice cream. somebody, i this mrs. beebamire, every year works make homemade porridge, and i was the
2:53 pm
president of the future farmers of america. >> that's a really big group. that's a really good group. young men that come out of that group i think are -- >> guess what? we're going to blow off that other song, one of my favorites, because, one more thing. oh -- so charming. >> what? >> i want to tell you something. ♪ party all the time, party all the time ♪ my girl wants to party all the time ♪ ♪ party all the time the postal service is critical to our economy.
2:54 pm
delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
2:55 pm
icaused by acid reflux disease, relieving heartburn, relief is at hand. for many, nexium provides 24-hour heartburn relief and may be available for just $18 a month. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. relief is at hand for just $18 a month. talk to your doctor about nexium.
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all right. time now for one more thing. and so weird, making me laugh. for bob to make him happy and put nim him in a good mood since the obama speech did not. kate upton, remember her? "sports illustrated," graced the covers twice. there she. an interesting column in "elle" magazine. after my first "sports illustrated" cover i felt terrible about myself. every single guy i met was either married, about to be married. i felt like i was their bachelor present or something. i'm not toy, i'm human. i'm not a toy to be used. >> exactly rinchts want to talk to her about talk to her about it? >> no. go ahead. >> ms. perino. >> you know i never have anything to promote. i can tonight. gus, the reason he's not here,
2:58 pm
holtes aoh ri hosting "o'reilly." find of playing. take a loonchts you're fired, up for the weekend. who knows. dana? >> i had a fairly good one about spell jobs. jobs, but there's no s. >> that was fantastic. dana, as always, a pleasure. >> okay. 8:00 tonight. see what happens. >> did you get a repeat of something? look at greg. >> all right. >> one last thing. a new leftover act. you go a restaurant. you always have leftovers, because portions of gigantic. what can you do. have your leftovers. some beautiful doughnuts right there. you take a picture with your smartphone and post it online and then you send it out, and somebody will go ahead and get your leftovers.
2:59 pm
the big question is- >> what do you mean? >> somebody will say, i'll take your leftovers. would you actually eat food -- >> no! >> -- from other human beings? >> of course you would. >> who took a bite out of it? >> who's up next? >> maybe me. >> depends on who took a bite of it. because bob, i wouldn't. but i'd eat yours. >> i don't really -- by the way, tomorrow night. >> tomorrow morning, 11:30 i'm cashing in. >> right -- you don't know where that's been. >> okay. >> we need to end this. >> i'll need this on a serious note. college is about to start in the next two weeks again. an estimated 1,825 college students die every year from alcohol-related deaths, and i urge you, last year alone, 599,000 students between the age 18 and 24 unintentionally injured using alcohol. please, please, binge drinking will potentially kill you. be careful, will you? use common sense. alcohol i can till, can kill
3:00 pm
you. you don't want that to happen. >> but doughnuts are great. >> doughnuts won't kill you. they're good for you. >> right. that's it for us. thank you gofor being here. have a great weekend. "special report" snis next. obamacare, defensive on benghazi and al qaeda and goes on offensive for republicans. this is sprt. "special report." good eveninging. i'm bret baier. just before jetting off to an eight-day vacation on martha's vineyard president obama took volley of questions from a white house press corps feeling neglected the past several months. the topics varied but the president had a message to get out about government surveillance. here a chief white house correspondent ed hen prip. >> a


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